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Alison C. Smith, PhD - Services offered



Psychotherapy is a process that occurs between the psychotherapist and client to help the client cope with, resolve, and/or gain greater insight into a wide range of problems. The purpose of psychotherapy includes, but is not limited to, providing symptom relief, fostering personal growth, increasing coping skills, and developing greater insight into and understanding of the self. Please note that I only work with individuals 18 years and older.

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psychotherapy with me?

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments can be conducted to answer a wide range of questions. They can help diagnose mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and phobias. Assessments can also be used to clarify interpersonal or communication problems, understand behavioral issues, screen for learning disabilities, assess ADD/ADHD, and measure intelligence for academic placement. Please note that I work with individuals 6 years and older for assessment purposes.

Assessment Consultation

Consultation is available to answer questions such as whether a psychological assessment might be beneficial or to help interpret or explain results from previous psychological testing.


Interested in scheduling an assessment?

Do you need help understanding or want a second opinion on the results from a previous assessment? Do you want to determine whether you might benefit from one?

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