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About Therapy

Thousands of studies have shown that psychotherapy*​

- Is highly effective and personally meaningful
- Is beneficial for a wide variety of difficulties, symptoms, and disorders
- Offers sustained long-term benefits/positive changes
- Can improve overall health
- Is effective for people of all age
Effective therapy can**
- Help you to create new ways of looking at difficult problems and  move towards a solution.
- Help you can gain a better understanding of yourself and develop skills for improving relationships.
- Help you to overcome specific problems, such as an eating disorder or a phobia.
Will it work for you? Chances are good that it will. Remember that for therapy to be helpful, you must be actively engaged and working during and between sessions (e.g., by practicing a new skill, for example). You are the one in control of how much focus/energy you want to put into the therapeutic process and, as with so many other things, you are likely to get out of it as much as you feel ready to put in.

* Information drawn from Ladd & Archer, 2006 and the American Psychological Association (

** Brazier, Yvette; Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD, CRNP (May 2017).  What is Psychotherapy, Medical News Today. Retrieved from

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