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Whether you are a seasoned therapy client, a newcomer is pursuing therapy for the first time, or simply someone curious about whether counseling is right for you, I welcome you to my practice!
Why seek therapy?

People attend therapy for a number of different reasons such as feeling . . .

  • Anxious and/or overwhelmed

  • Dissatisfied with their lives

  • Unhappy with their relationships

  • Sad, angry, or otherwise "not like themselves"

  • Ready to talk with someone about difficult experiences in their life

Successful therapy can help you:

  • Decrease feelings of depression and anxiety

  • Cope more effectively with stress

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

  • Make sense of past traumatic experiences

  • Improve relationships with family and friends

  • Overcome fears and/or insecurities

  • Improve communication skills

Alison C. Smith, PhD - Psychologist in Northern Virginia

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About Therapy

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